True leaktight cylinder locking in both directions with the flexible soft seal seat provides exact control and easy field maintenance.
Mostly used in mining drilling rigs, earth moving equipments , marine equipments and material handling machines.
Used with double locking cylinders for position locking .
100 percent factory tested.
Zero leakage is guaranteed.
Specially designed to hold the heavy load and prevents the load from falling freely if a hose or a pipe breaks.
Special modifications to customers requirement can be provided without any extra cost.
Maximum working pressure 3000 PSI.
All the ports 3/8 BSP female.
Valve body made of high strength extruded aluminum alloy and high grade cast iron.
Flexible soft seal seat can be replaced easily
O-ring on pilot piston is optional.
Rated flow - 30 Liters for DLCV-30 L and 60 Liters for DLCV-60L Model.
Internal ports piston and ball hardened and □ Maximum working temperature 30 to 80° C ground .
In free flow direction oil flows from valve port V1 to cylinder port C1. When control valve is centered load is locked. With pressure applied at the pilot piston (Pilot piston ratio 4:1) The ball is held opened allowing return flow from cylinder port C2 to Valve Port V2. Double operated check valves are internally piloted.
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