For Safe Precharging of Accumulators with nitrogen gas, we offer a comprehensive range of charging equipments including 2.0 metre and nipple made out of brass suitable for any high pressure nitrogen cylinder. Other end 1/4" BSP swivel nut and nipple suitable to connect the charging kit. Special threaded long flexible hose one end, 5/8" BSP adapter accumulator charging kits are available at the same price.
Use Nitrogen gas only. Before charging the accumulator check model number of accumulator on the label for working pressure and charging kit selection. Always use nitrogen pressure regulator valve while charging. Ensure bladder has been lubricated with system fluid before commencing precharging.
The following procedure should be adopted while precharging accumulators with the Charging kit.
Remove protective cap fitted and sealing cap of the accumulator.
Attach nitrogen pressure regulating valve (NPRV) to nitrogen cylinder.
Attach charging kit to accumulator gas valve (Non return type) and connect charging hose between nitrogen regulators and charging kit.
Close the bleed valve of charging kit and turn hand wheel (operating knob), clock wise to open gas valve, (if needed).
Open nitrogen cylinder valve by turning key of the cylinder. Pressure can be shown on right hand gauge of the NPRV. This pressure should be checked against the required precharge pressure of the accumulator. Nitrogen cylinder pressure should be 10% higher than the accumulator working pressure.
Turn handle of the cylinder clockwise until outlet pressure on left hand gauge registers -10% higher than the required precharge pressure. When pressure on the charging kit and outlet gauge are equal, close nitrogen cylinder valve. The accumulator is charged. Further to check the accumulator working pressure close the bleed valve and turn the hand wheel (Operating knob) clockwise. Accumulator pressure can be observed by the charging kit pressure gauge. If this pres-sure is higher than the actual working pressure, adjust with bleed valve.
While ordering please specify Pressure Gauge range
(0 - 1000 PSI, 0 - 2000 PSI, 0 - 3000 PSI).
FN = Flat Nose Nipple and RN = Round Nose Nipple





                ACK - 02 - rn

                1/4 " BSP


                ACK - universal

                1/4 " BSP


                ACK -   universal

                5/8 " UNF


                ACK -   universal

                7/8 " UNF


                ACK -   universal

                3/16" NEF


                ACK -   fn

                m28 - 1.5p

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